A Change Will Do You Good. You're Never Too Old To Learn Guitar!

Have you always dreamt of playing the guitar?

When you were younger, did you imagine yourself rockin' out on an amped-up electric guitar, playing all that heavy metal, or "acid rock", you loved in your own band?

Or maybe you just wanted to be able to play your favorite folk or easy listening music? Be able to accompany yourself on an acoustic guitar while you sat around and sang with friends at parties? Maybe even imagined yourself as a solo act at some little coffee house?

Then the years passed and the responsibilities of being an adult, marriage, raising kids, put your guitar playing dreams on the backburner. Maybe you even turned off the flame completely on that younger dream.

But now you're older, the kids are grown and on their own, and you have more free time to now pay some attention to you. Do you find yourself dreaming of playing the guitar again but think you may now be too old to learn?

Well, the good news is, you're never too old to learn to play guitar! Or any musical instrument for that matter. In fact, learning guitar, learning to play your favorite music on it, can do miraculous things for you. Here's a few:

1. Increase your self-confidence. Many older people feel "rusty" and stuck in a rut of old habits and lifestyle. Learning guitar helps you create new, younger, pathways of thinking and doing things that brightens your outlook. You'll realize how capable you still are of learning something new.

2. Boosts social skills. As you've gotten older, your social circle may have gotten much smaller. Learning guitar in a class setting helps you interact with others who share the same goals and, maybe, even the same long-held dream as you. In short, it's just plain fun! You may even start visiting local music venues to watch guitarists play live. You could make a whole new set of like-minded friends!

3. Boosts your "feel good" hormones. Scientists have proven that playing and listening to music boosts certain brain chemicals, endorphins, that make you feel happy with an increased sense of well-being.

4. Boosts your health. Just like working out at the gym strengthens your body, learning and playing music exercises and strengthens your brain. A recent study out of the Netherlands revealed that playing an instrument can boost your heart health and even help lower your blood pressure and sleep better as it relaxes you.

So, put your doubts of learning to play guitar on the back burner. Instead, go out and buy yourself a guitar and get started! Decide to take the first step towards resurrecting your dream of playing guitar. You'll be glad you took that all-important leap of faith in yourself.


James Maxwell is a professional musician and owner of Northville Guitar Lessons, a guitar school providing guitar lessons in Livonia, Plymouth, Novi, Canton and Northville Michigan.




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