Student Jam Afternoon November 2013

Had such a great time at the recent student gig for all the younger students at the school! 

31 students got up to play with the band and 31 students did an absolutley brilliant job! I am so proud of everybody who got up and played. There has been great feedback from many people on the afternoon itself and the wonderful performances.

Thanks must got to the "house" band made up of Simon Hall (Vocals, Guitar) and Matty Williams (Drums). You guys are so good at what you do and the afternoon could not happen without you.

Can't wait now until the next one!








Student Jam Afternoon August 2013

Another great student jam afternoon at The Felix Bar. I am so proud of all of you who participated. It's great to see the improvement from one jam afternoon to the next, not to mention the experience that you get by getting up and playing with an actual band.

Thanks once again to the "houseband" with Simon Hall on vocals and guitar and Matty Williams on drums. This could not have happened without you.




Student Jam Afternoon April 2013

Another awesome student jam afternoon to start the year. Once again a great time was had by all and I am very proud of everybody who got up and played.  

Many thanks to the new "houseband" made up of Simon Hall on vocals and guitar and Matty Williams on drums. I have known both Simon and Matty for many years and have done many many gigs with them both. They are fantastic musicians and I am very appreciative for the help on the afternoon.

Also a big thanks again to The Felix Bar in St Kilda. A great venue.

Look out for the next student jam afternoon to be scheduled in August.



Student Gig October 2012

A fantastic afternoon had by all at the Simon Candy School of Guitar Kid Gig held at The Dingley International Hotel. Things were somewhat different from last years gig, with each student performing with an actual band of professional musicians.

I am so proud of every student who performed. You were all brilliant! Thank you to all family members who came along to support and a big thanks to the band: Ben Redlich (drums), Bill Macdonald (bass), Robert Goodge (guitar, mandolin), and Gennifer Ciavarra (vocals).

Look out for the audio Cd that everybody who performed will receive as a momento of the occasion.


Student Jam Afternoon June 2012

The second Student Jam Afternoon for 2012 was again a huge success! Great to see so many students get up and have a play with a song they had prepared in their guitar lesson.

These afternoons serve as a great social occasion where students can have a laugh, a drink or two, and of course have a lot of fun playing with other musicians.

Jamming with other musicians is essential for your musical development. There are things you will learn while doing this that you will never learn in weekly guitar lessons. Music is very much a language, and there is little point to learning a language if you are not going to go and speak it, or in this case, play it.

At the very least, attending these Jam Afternoons will serve as a great source of motivation and inspiration for your own guitar playing as you see other students get up and perform.

I am looking forward to bigger and better events in 2013 and beyond! 

Thanks again to The Felix Bar in St Kilda as well as the band: Gennifer Ciavarra (Vocals), Ben Redlich (Drums), Bill Macdonald (Bass), and Robert Goodge (Guitar and Mandolin).




Student Jam Afternoon March 2012

A massive thank you to all my adult students who attended and participated in the Jam afternoon yesterday, March 25th, at The Felix Bar in St Kilda. It was a huge success and I was very proud of you all. These types of events will do as much, if not more, than hours of practice, for your guitar playing. You now have the experience of playing with a band in front of an audience which is fantastic!

I encourage all my adult students to come along to the next one. Even if you don’t get up and play, it will still be a great experience to see others play and serve as motivation and inspiration for your own guitar playing. I would also like to thank the band who helped out on the day. I really appreciated your help as this could not have happened without you. Gennifer Ciavarra (Vocals) Robert Goodge (Guitar) Bill Macdonald (Bass) Ben Redlich (Drums).

Bill plays with Paul Kelly and countless other well known bands and Robert discovered and formed Kate Cebrano’s first band in the 80’s called “I’m Talkin”. So you have Jammed with some seasoned pro’s!


Student Gig August 2011

The Recent Student Gig, held at The Dingley International Hotel, was a Huge Success! I am so proud of everybody who performed on the day. You were brilliant!

Everybody who attended had a great time, and enjoyed all the performances. I look forward to an even better and bigger gig next year!

Apart from really enjoying the afternoon myself, it was a great experience for all students who performed. This is a huge step in your musical development. You have now performed in front of 150 people. Well Done!

 August 2011 Gig Photo

Blues Masterclass April 2011

Aprils Masterclass with special guest Robert Goodge was a great success and enjoyed by all. This masterclass was held at the studio and was free for all current students to attend. Robert and myself presented some ideas and concepts on both the rhythm side and soloing side of blues and rock guitar.

It was great to have Robert in for an afternoon where those who attended learnt a lot about playing from a little bit of a different perspective. Robert has been in the music industry for many years and amongst other things, was the found-ing member of Kate Cebrano’s first band “I’m Talkin’”. The band had top 10 hits and toured internationally during the 80’s. Robert has also done a lot of session work and can be heard on various things including the iconic Medibank “I feel better now” theme which he wrote with Steven Cummings.

I thank Robert very much for his time and look forward to future masterclasses to help you all further develop your guitar playing skills.

 Masterclass 3

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