"Simon is a lot better than other guitar teachers that I have had in the past because he is much more attentive to my guitar playing skills, and he focuses on the little details of my guitar playing that will help in the long run. He is also makes the lessons really exciting and really fun. Since learning guitar with Simon, I have felt a huge improvement with my improvisation. I have a lot more ideas now and have more freedom to be playing exactly what I want. I would definitely recommend Simon as a guitar teacher because he is just so much different to any other guitar teachers that I have had. I realise now how much I was missing out in my guitar playing before starting lessons with Simon. I only wish I had started earlier."

~Sarah Garth


"I have learned pretty much everything from Simon including sweeping, tapping, chords, soloing and improvisation. Each week I receive a practise schedule so I know exactly whatto do to stay on track and on task. I would definitely recommend Simon as a guitar teacher because he communicates very well in his teaching. I have friends who have taken guitar lessons before and they have said that the communication was poor from the teacher but with Simon it’s definitely productive and he teaches exactly what you need to know to get where you want to be as a guitar player and musician."

~Nicko Mroczkowski


"As a first time guitar student I started weekly lessons with Simon approximately 12 months ago. Since then I have been pleasantly surprised with both my progress and just how enjoyable the learning process has been. As a teacher Simon has shown a great ability to explain clearly and concisely how to continue developing good guitar skills; - and when my playing doesn’t quite reach my aspirations, he shows great patience encouraging me forward. If you really want to get the most from your potential, book your lessons with Simon, like me you’ll see it’s well worth it."

~Mark Trounce


"When I started guitar lessons with Simon I was an absolute beginner. He immediately made me feel confident and he created an environment in which it was easy for me to learn in and he always provides lots of encouragement. I like the way Simon sets our daily tasks over the week for us to follow which makes it a lot easier to know what to practise and for how long to practise it for. "

~Alysha Mayne


"The Bonuses with Simon’s guitar lessons are brilliant. As a student, I get to access recordings of the songs that I am working on, from Simon’s website, to help me progress between lessons. Simon also makes me a practice schedule each week which is a real big help because then I know exactly what I need to practice each day to get better. I would definitely recommend Simon as a guitar teacher. "

~Dale Pryor


"My son Kevin has been learning the guitar with Simon now for 3 years. Kevin really enjoys his music lessons and looks forward to them every week. Being in a group under Simon’s constructive and disciplined guidance is a real dynamic experience; Kevin is more motivated to learn his songs and improve his performance. It gives me great pleasure to see him enjoy playing music and making real progress along the way. We were privileged to attend a gig which Simon organised for all his students in 2011. We watched with awe as Kevin and other students performed with great confidence and musicality on the stage. Simon is a dedicated and talented guitar teacher and Kevin has benefited enormously under his instructions."

~Kelly Nguyen, mother of Kevin Nguyen


"I have been learning guitar from Simon for 18 months. I had previously tried to teach myself from a book but felt I wasn’t succeeding. Since commencing lessons with Simon I feel my playing has improved. I now have greater knowledge and understanding of the guitar and I always enjoy the lessons because Simon has a great style of teaching of incorporating different skills of playing the guitar such as chord changes, strumming, picking style etc rather than spending a lot of time concentrating on mastering one skill at a time. I also love the weekly practice schedules after each lesson and the webpage of mp3 tracks and drum loops which aid with practicing. I would highly recommend Simon as a guitar teacher"

~Carol Charters


"Before taking guitar lessons with Simon there were only a few things I could do with my guitar playing, but after having started with Simon, I can now play scales such as major and pentatonic as well as many more chords and songs. Simon also puts on a student jam afternoon which is really beneficial for everyone involved. It’s great because you get to play a song you have been working on over recent lessons and perform it with an actual band which is really good. If you want to be a guitarist in an actual band, it’s a great experience and I will be definitely doing it again. I would definitely recommend SImon as a guitar teacher because the whole learning process with Simon is really fun. I learn what I need to know and more, as well as developing confidence in my guitar playing."

~Frank Drago


"Since taking guitar lessons with Simon, I can do a lot more strumming patterns and chord shapes as well as picking with riffs and melodies. I really like learning in a group because I can feed off other peoples ideas and I also learn to play with other guitar players which is how it is in most scenario’s. It’s also fun to have other people around enjoying guitar as much as I do. I would definitely recommend Simon as a guitar teacher because always spends time making sure we get the best out of our guitar lessons."

~Victoria Lewis


"After coming to Simon, having had a lesson with a another guitar teacher, I was more relaxed and felt that he was someone that I wanted to learn guitar from. I can’t wait for Saturday to come each week for my lesson and I am getting a lot of satisfaction and feel I am progressing greatly under Simon’s guidance. Since starting guitar lessons with Simon, I feel I have got better timing and a better understanding of what I am doing. I have also improved with my chord changes, especially bar chords. I would recommend Simon absolutely to anyone as a guitar teacher. I really enjoy my playing with him and I believe that anyone who starts guitar lessons with Simon will feel this way too."

~Arnold David


"I have had guitar lessons before and have learned a lot more with Simon’s lessons as I find them more organised. I would definitely recommend Simon as a guitar teacher because he is very good at making sure I understand what I am learning as well as helping me organise what I need to do during the week to keep progressing with my guitar playing."

~Shaun Davey

 D. Nguyen"Simon Candy has been a role model and instrumental in sharing his knowledge of music to The Song Room scholarship students...."

"These students from refugee and migrant backgrounds have never had a lesson in guitar, and Simon has approached this language barrier by using his skills to enhance the students experience of music. Not only has he been teaching the young people, but he has also provided his own scholarships to students to continue their music journey. The Song Room would like to thank Simon's work and love for music."

Diana Nguyen
The Song Room
DIAC Community Liaison Officer


Luke and Adam Forbes"My two sons, aged 10 and 12, started guitar lessons with Simon Candy just 2 months ago and have already gained a huge knowledge and understanding of music and guitar."

"They look forward to their lessons and have no hesitation in picking up their guitars and working on the practice that Simon has asked them to complete. Their lessons are geared towards their age and musical interests and both boys love to pick up the guitar at home and not only play what Simon has asked them to practice but they have gained the confidence to try to play music that they are listening to. It’s fantastic how far they are coming along. Simon is very committed to teaching and runs his business very professionally. Couldn’t recommend him highly enough. Keep up the great work Simon."

Claire Forbes


C. Basturk"Since receiving guitar lessons from Simon, many family and friends have noted positive changes in the behaviour and attitude of my nine year old son. While looking for something to help encourage my sons self confidence I came across Simon Candy’s School and enrolled my son. We cannot believe the results it has had on him and have never looked back. To see your child so happy and confident is a wonderful thing and we cannot thank Simon enough for his kind, friendly words of encouragement. Simon has provided my son with continuous support and positive feedback after each lesson. He has helped develop not only his guitar playing skills but other skills such as personal, emotional, social skills and even creativity. Simon is an exceptional teacher and I would recommend his guitar lessons without hesitation to all parents seeking professional guitar instruction for their child."

Yesim Basturk, mother of Cenk Basturk


Ivan"I have been learning to play the guitar for approximately twelve months. Prior to my being introduced to Simon I was self taught and could play only a few basic chords which I struggled to formulate into the easiest of songs. However since having regular guitar lessons, I have been amazed at the change. I now look forward to playing whenever I have the opportunity and I can play a large variety of songs that require a reasonable degree of skill. I am able to read basic music, formulate chords and read tablature. I have become more inventive with the guitar and can readily learn the songs of my choice."

"Simon is a great teacher who has the ability to impart his knowledge and tutor in an uncomplicated and easy fashion. I now find learning to play the guitar a great deal of fun and I derive a lot a satisfaction from it. I will continue to see Simon as a teacher and highly recommend Simon to anyone who wishes to learn, or advance their guitar skills."

Ivan Turfrey


Nicholas Hendriks"I have been learning guitar with Simon for about 4 and a half years. Every lesson is a joy to go to and I look forward to every session whether I’m learning a song of my choice or working on theory."

"Compared to my previous teacher I find Simon much more involved and attentive to my playing. Simon has helped me with all aspects of my development as a guitarist and has taught me things I never thought I would be able to achieve. I have made great progress especially with improvising and developing the skills to play all types of music from acoustic styles to various types of rock and blues."

"As a teacher Simon is perfect for me because of the encouragement, help and enthusiasm he offers to me as his student. I would recommend Simon as a teacher to anyone whether you’re just starting out or have had previous guitar lessons."

Nicholas Hendriks Age 14


Woody Hall"I have been having guitar lessons with Simon for the past year, and in that short time I have learned a lot."

"Simon is a great teacher who understands your ability and makes learning guitar a whole lot of fun, while still making good use of the whole lesson."

"Simon is a good teacher to people of all abilities. He makes sure that what you are learning is what you would like to learn."

"Overall, Simon is just a great guy and a great guitar teacher who I would recommend to anyone who is considering having lessons."

Woody Hall Age 13

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